New Rural Program at ISI Opens

An exciting new program at one of our partners, Innovative Services, Inc., shows how SimplyHome technology can help disabled people find independence and meaningful work. You may have read SimplyHome VP Drue Ray's article about her dream of The Farm--a rural residential community for people with special needs. Now, the community has become a reality.

About two weeks ago, Innovative Services received news that their proposal for a rural, agricultural-vocational residential program had been approved by grantors to move on to the planning stages. It was an idea at least four years in the works, and it’s been thrilling to finally see it begin to take shape.

The program will likely house about eight special-needs individuals in a series of duplexes that allow independent living with the comfort of a trained caregiving staff seconds away.

Although farm living communities are not a new concept, the combination of the specialized program with advanced assisted living technology could be a model for replication around the country.

SimplyHome's assisted living technology will play a big role in the program as well. The technology creates supports that are adequate and consistent, without having to have constant staff presence.

The community program is slated to begin on November 1, 2011. Planners are still looking for the right piece of land and designing the various buildings.

When finished, the residents will move in and begin work that brings them back to the land. A typical day in the community might involve gardening produce, learning car restoration and mechanical skills, cutting wood, and doing other types of farm work.

Watch this video for more on how Innovative Services is already utilizing technology to empower independence.