It's Official!! SimplyHome Trademarks the Service "Virtual Care Management"

What is "Virtual Care Management?"

At SimplyHome, we noticed that many of our customers' care teams and families were not using the online data to its fullest potential.  We also noticed that the information collected by SimplyHome Systems in homes was proving to be invaluable.  For example, Mr. J’s movement around the home dropped significantly over a three month period.  Mrs. S. started getting out of bed consistently more during the middle of the night.  This data, while not life-threatening, was signifying some important changes in daily living activity.

We decided to create a service, Virtual Care Management, that will provide care teams with additional support and information. This information can then be used to help plan for future changes, or can make them aware that a shift is occurring.  The care team can take this information and plan ahead, possibly installing grab rails around Mr. J’s home so that he has additional support and more confidence moving around his home or talking to Mrs. S to see if a medication change has made her more restless at night and the dose needs adjusting.  The Virtual Care Manager can help the care team make these plans and decisions.

VCM Patent.png

SimplyHome developed the concept, ran trial cases with several existing customers, and realized that this was a very valuable service.  The trials put all doubts at ease.  Was it possible to develop a care manager/client relationship over the phone?  We found that customers looked forward to having a conversation and checking in with their Virtual Care Manager.  Would it be valuable for the care team to receive data reports on a regular basis?  Reports outlined many details of daily living that were going unnoticed. We were so pleased with the trial outcome that we decided to go through the process of trademarking the name “Virtual Care Management”.

We chose this term because much of the care provided by this service is being conducted virtually, or not in the presence of the consumer.  Virtual Care Managers observe data remotely, no matter where the customer resides.  Thanks to the internet, the Virtual Care Manager can also research, access, and set up area resources and services that the customer may need.  The Manager can regularly check in with the customer and the family over the phone.  She can also provide the family with the regular system reports remotely.  A customer’s care can be managed from anywhere in the country.

If you have an aging parent, you realize that whether you live nearby or far away, you are a caregiver. And often, adult children of seniors find themselves more aware of the challenges of parents who are aging at home. Family caregivers who witness such age-related changes naturally desire to provide continued independence and peace-of-mind for those they care for as well as themselves. Additionally, a substantial increase in the cost of assisted-living coupled with the wishes of many seniors to age in place, means that more families are seeking solutions for long- term care at home.

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Emmie Fairhead is the Virtual Care Program Developer of SimplyHome, LLC, an assisted living technology company in Asheville, NC. SimplyHome provides non-invasive monitoring technology that allows elderly and disabled people to maintain independence and dignity while simultaneously providing peace of mind for their concerned loved ones. The “age in place” technology is a responsible alternative to assisted living; it helps reduce the financial burden on families by minimizing the need for in-home care providers.

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