How-To Book For Home Care Creating a Big Buzz

A partner of SimplyHome and advocate for the use of technology to promote independence, recently wrote a book that is creating a buzz. If you are interested in the Home Care business or want to improve of the business you already have, this is a great read. Author, Brendan John, is a firm believer that using technology in conjunction with home care is the most efficient way to take good care of our loved ones, while allowing them to remain in their home, where they want to be. He has had great success in the home care business, in part, because he is able to look outside of the box and come up with solutions that are affordable and still give families the peace of mind they desperately need. started as an addendum to Home Care How To – The Guide To Starting Your Senior In Home Care Business. The site provides the tools, support and training necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs to start a home care businesses. Learn to start, operate, grow and succeed by serving seniors and disabled clients in their own home!

For fractions of the cost of purchasing a franchise, membership, venturing on your own or buying an existing agency, Home Care How To provides you what you need to start your home care business.

Founder, author, business owner and coach Brendan John harnesses over 20 plus years of entrepreneurial experience within the senior care and web technology industries to put together an easy to follow, down to earth approach to building your own home care services business.

HOME CARE HOW TO - The Guide To Starting Your Senior In Home Care Business (click this link to get a copy or learn more)