Family Caregiving: The Facts

Providing care to a family member or friend can take a great toll on an individual. In a July post we examined the effects it has in the workplace. The information provided on this website takes a closer look at providing care to family members and friends from the effects on caregiver health to the economic impact. The following is just one of the facts provided on the website: "For some adults with heavy caregiving responsibilities, the impact on their ability to work is significant. According to a major study by AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, some working caregivers reported having to take a leave of absence (17 percent), shift from full-time to part-time work (10 percent), quit work entirely (6 percent), lose job benefits (5 percent), turn down a promotion (4 percent), or choose early retirement (3 percent). (Source: National Alliance for Caregiving with AARP and MetLife, 2004)."

Many of the adverse effects caregiver's face can be reduced or eliminated with the introduction of assistive technology. Visit the SimplyHome website to find out more about what technologies are currently helping people balance the caregiver role and their other responsibilities.