Could've Should've Would've: Aging in Place

Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve. How many times a week do we say that? Most of the time it is something like “Could’ve packed my suitcase a little better” or maybe “I would’ve done that sooner if I had just known (insert mistake here).”  Stephanie Borden is trying to use her could’ve, would’ve should’ve moment to help others.  She wished she would’ve known about aging in place before her mom passed. Borden is sure that her mom would have been happier and she would have felt more comfortable about how her mom was aging.

Like most children of aging parents, Stephanie wanted what was best for her mom; she simply did not know all of the options. Along with people similar to Stephanie, SimplyHome is committed to letting people know all of the options they have before they feel stuck into what has always been; nursing homes and skilled living facilities. Aging in place has proven beneficial for thousands of families and aging in place with technology continues to prove fruitful for our clients.


Take a look at what Stephanie has to say in her article “Consider aging-in-plcae as one of many choices.”

Consider aging-in-place as one of many choices

Stephanie Borden

Now that I know better, I can help others do better. Still, I wish I had known about aging-in-place 15 years ago when my modest 75-year-old Minnesota mother fainted on her kitchen floor.

When she came to and called 911, she refused to get into the ambulance until she could put on her pantyhose. On the way to the hospital, her heart stopped twice. After she was stabilized in the emergency room 1 thousand miles away, my phone rang. It was her doctor, with this strict advice: "Your mother can never live alone again."

My sister, brother, and I flew to her with only one option in mind: Find the best assisted-living facility she could afford. Because we didn't know about aging-in-place, there was no exploration of how we could arrange for in-home health care services and make some minor home modifications that would have allowed her to stay in the cherished home and familiar neighborhood where we grew up.

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