Children's Independence Begins at Home

As parents, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to support our children’s independence at school and in the community, but the foundation for independent living skills begins at home.  Until I became professionally involved in the field of residential assistive technology, I did not realize the impact that technological tools could have on activities of daily living. With the inclusion of new products like wireless sensors, GPS watches, and instant phone/text notifications, families can do more than just monitor children’s safety.  They can also provide solutions for independence.  Technology can be used to remind a youth when he forgets to complete a routine, help a child independently control her environment, or assist an adult in teaching important safety skills.   Most importantly, technology provides dignified options for enhanced quality of life within the context of a family’s home.

_DSC0972Monitoring and support services can be limited to one area of the house or encompass both indoor and outdoor space.  While that may sound costly, today’s assistive technologies are actually more accessible and affordable than one might think.  I do, however, always encourage families to check with care coordinators regarding waivers, grants, and additional funding sources as residential technology products are now being included.

-Cameron Kempson, SimplyHome Client Care Specialist