What happens when I call SimplyHome?

We welcome any and all inquiries about how technology can be used to promote independence. Our process starts with a comprehensive assessment over the phone or in a home, followed by a detailed (and complimentary) system recommendation.

Who do we consider?

  • Individuals who are being considered or advocating for independent living, supported community settings, or transitional homes.
  • Individuals who have 24/7 staffing for “just in case” situations but do not necessarily need around the clock supervision.
  • Individuals who will be in an apartment setting with a staff apartment onsite.

What are our goals?

            Our goals are the same as yours. We are looking to create an environment where everyone is comfortable, safe and independent. We will also achieve:

  • Enhanced safety features that promote peace of mind for the family and individual
  • Proactive rather than reactive staff response
  • Reduction of on-site staffing for “just in case” situations such as during night hours
  • Reports of trends in data demonstrating the technology’s effectiveness; can be shared with funders, state agencies, legislators, etc.

 Using the SimplyHome Butler System as the base, your system could also use: 

  • Door sensors on external doors
  • Motion sensors (if trying to determine whether someone is entering vs. exiting)
  • 1 Panic pendant
  • 1 Medication dispenser (if applicable)

When using a SimplyHome System, unique features and rules are set to accommodate the needs and wants of individuals and their families. Those rules can include:

1. When paging pendant is activated to request help

2. When medicine dispenser door is/is not opened

3. If a person has/has not left the home during a certain period of time

4. If a caregiver, staff person or community person has entered the home during a certain period of time (such as after a paging pendant has been pressed or when services are supposed to take place)