To Those Who Supported The Keefer Family

(A Letter From Allen Ray, SimplyHome's CEO) 

To Those who supported the Keefer family,

Thanks to All! I just wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for what each of you did in support of the Keefer family. A few short months ago we were all called to help a young man in ways we could not imagine. We pooled our resources in making a difference for Brian! The show highlighted products and efforts from each of you as part of SimplyHome's overall solution. I'm proud to have been a part of our collective efforts and to have shared so much in such a short time.

We had a fundraiser in Asheville for Brian, UCP of Central PA, ARC and a local Asheville Children's charity.

It was made even more special when two of Brian's friends/neighbors (Tricia and Dawn, the two girls a

cross the street) thought enough to attend. They gave speeches (made everyone cry) and brought pictures (both before and after Brian's accident) and goodies. It was awesome. They even brought one of our new favorite sweets...Whoopie Pies... for our taste of PA table. In addition to the whoopie pies (very tasty, though not as good as the ones from Jon's mom), we had tasteekakes (girls brought these as well) and root beer (nowhere near as good as Dean's stuff...omg, I can still taste that root beer!).Anyway, as we watched the show... seeing our collective work being highlighted, I was reminded of the enjoyment of working with each of you.

Thank you so much for becoming  a part of the fabric of who SimplyHome has become and for doing whatever it took to make things happen for Brian. I am proud to call you my friends!

All my very best,


"A Taste Of Pennsylvania" provided by Brian's neighbor for our fundraiser.