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Here's What's Standing In The Way Of A Technological Revolution in Health Care

Telemedicine has actually been practiced in some form for a long time. As early as the 1960s, NASA was regularly monitoring U.S. astronauts' vital signs including blood pressure and pulse oximetry during space missions. Fifty years, later, devices for remotely monitoring a wide range of needy patients, particularly elderly Americans living with chronic diseases or conditions, are available, but their use has been stymied.

A key factor has been the lack of standardized reimbursement for telemedicine technology and services.

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Wearable Technology Could Be "The Doctor On Your Wrist"

An article published by TIME Magazine entitled “The Doctor On Your Wrist,” discusses the benefits of wearable technology including Jawbone, Fitbit, among others. Saying that “the next revolution in personal health may be the little step-tracking band on your wrist’ could be accurate.

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