Slate Writes About SimplyHome-Voted #1

Your picks for the best "Data for a Better Planet" ideas.

By Michael AggerPosted Friday, Dec. 10, 2010, at 3:26 PM ET

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for the "Data for a Better Planet" Hive. Let's start with the top vote-getters and conclude with an appealing, left-field suggestion.

How Do I Keep My Mom From Moving in With Us?

The headline writer in me likes to think that this idea leaped to the top because of its catchy title, but more likely a lot of us are worried about aging boomer parents. SimplyHome is a system that can "collect and record data of typical behaviors and activities of daily living inside the homes of older adults." It's sort of a 21st-century version of Life Call, but instead of a button to press when Grandma's fallen and can't get up, this system offers, among other improvements, a panoramic camera in her living room that the family can access via a secure Web site. SimplyHome tailors its setups to each individual, but the aggregate data would be useful for social scientists. Read More

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