Michael Doornbos Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Product Development (Guest Blog Post)

I am excited to announce the newest version of the SimplyHome System. More than two years in the making, we've strived to make a product more useful for both individuals and service providers. Creating a product that is purpose built for the population we serve is both exciting and challenging. We also want it to be cost effective and much smaller in size.

We faced a few challenges through this process. Building hardware is always tough. My team is small and there are a lot of moving parts to a project like this. In the end our small team size enabled us to be flexible and adapt more quickly than the rest of the technology field. There is nothing else on the market for the demographic we serve that is as sophisticated as this new product.

We have focused on making it easily upgradeable as new technologies emerge. With the technology field evolving daily, we have made it easily upgradeable. The result is a product that can be upgraded over the next several years while remaining in use.

We're also releasing  an Android app. In the past, we have only been able to text, email and call client caretakers. Now, with the Android app, caretakers will be able to receive notifications and check in on their loved ones on the go with real time updates. Even on a smart watch.

Up next for our team is to add more intelligence to the platform to help the people it's designed to serve be more independent.

Michael Doornbos

SimplyHome Product Developer