SimplyHome TechTip: Cellular Butler

Benefits to the Cellular Butler include the battery backup because it is plugged into your base box and it does not require internet connection. The cellular modem will say Option CloudGate including two antennas. An exterior antenna will be useful for base units that may not be located near a door or window in order to receive optimal service.

To troubleshoot:

1. Check connections inside the box and outside of the box. The Power Cable, when connected properly, will light up the three lights to the right of the Ethernet plug in labeled System Stat, WWAN Stat and WWAN Signal.

2. Check Status lights.

a. System Stat light should always be green. If it is not, restart the unit. If it is still not green, call us.

b. WWAN Stat Light- Whether or not it is connected to the cellular network. If it is not green, restart the system. If still not green, relocate the cellular modem in order to get better reception.

c. WWAN Signal- Tells you whether or not your box has signal. If it is green or orange, it is good to go. If it is red, relocate the cellular modem near a door or window. If it cannot be relocated, an external antenna can be purchased.

3. To restart, open the unit and turn off the unit by the ON/OFF switch in the box. NOT THE RESET BUTTON ON THE CELLULAR MODEM. The reset button should not be set because it will reset the entire system. Once the switch has been turned back on, wait about a minute for the lights to come back on and check the status of the lights. If the lights are still not green, give us a call at 1-877-684-3581.