Living Independently with Assistive Technology (Guest Blog)

Live Independently with Assistive Technology

Guest article by Bryan Sullivan

SimplyHome offers cost-effective, innovative technological solutions to provide wellness monitoring, caregiver assistance, and in-home medical alert systems for elder care or for individuals with developmental disabilities. By creating a supportive home environment, SimplyHome allows loved ones to age in place while enjoying independent living.

A Personally-Tailored Caregiver Assistance Plan

SimplyHome understands that family members often are concerned about the safety and independence of their loved ones.

"Working one-on-one with those seeking an enhanced quality of life for those they care for, we first recommend a personal assessment to best determine the level of support needed," says Allen Ray, CEO.

Caregiver assistance is individually tailored to meet the needs of each client seeking long-term care at home, thereby providing an alternative to expensive, intrusive care and allowing loved ones to remain independent at home.

A wide range of personalized solutions are available that allow family members to connect in a variety of ways. The affordable PERS (personal emergency response system) includes a paging pendant. The more comprehensive Butler package incorporates a stove sensor, environmental controls, and medication support that alert your loved one when it's time to take medication. Set-up is simple for all SimplyHome in-home support systems. SimplyHome representatives can help you determine the best home long-term care solution. SimplyHome also incorporates on-going assessment tools so that the system may be easily adjusted to meet new circumstances.

Advanced Technology Supports Activities of Daily Living

Using innovative technology, along with the expertise of local care providers, SimplyHome provides safety monitoring that allows individuals to live independently in their own homes. This inconspicuous, maintenance-free technology alerts staff via sensors that detect potential needs, problems, or unplanned events. For example, if a deviation from your loved one's routine occurs, an alert is sent to a designated caregiver or family member immediately via text message, phone or e-mail. SimplyHome provides a constant connection between clients and a central call center fully staffed by certified EMTs. The Simply Home system is tailored to fit clients' needs. Family members decide which alerts should be directed to the call center or to designated caregivers, and if alerts should be sent via single or multiple text messages, e-mails or phone calls.

Caregiver assistance often creates a privacy concern. Live-in caregivers and the constant presence of homecare workers often feel like an intrusion on the daily lives of loved ones and family members. SimplyHome is the least intrusive of in-home support systems. SimplyHome products and services are designed to allow individuals to live with maximum independence.

Residents of Assisted Living Facilities Also Benefit

In addition to providing assistance to families looking for supportive, independent-living options for loved ones, home health and home care providers can incorporate SimplyHome to increase the quality of the care they offer. Assisted living facilities, which often are challenged with focusing on quality care for individuals while managing care for large numbers of residents, also can benefit greatly from SimplyHome systems to ensure that each resident is supported and comfortable. System-generated reports allow providers and assisted living staff to predict their clients' needs, and to create custom, cost-effective care solutions.

Cost-Effective Long-Term Care

"SimpyHome's assistive technology not only empowers individuals and providers by providing assistance with activities of daily living, but also significantly reduces the family's financial burden," adds Ray.

SimplyHome's goal is to help create a supportive home environment by providing easy-to-use assistive technology services. With an offering of personalized systems to improve the quality of care for both you and the one you care for —whether you are a family member or professional caregiver — SimplyHome understands the importance of maximizing independence by providing a continuum of care that gives families peace of mind.