SimplyHome Install

SimplyHome recently did an installation in South Carolina that I had the honor of being a part of. It was inspiring and something worth sharing. We installed the Butler system for a lady in SC with a developmental disability. I had the pleasure of meeting Mary, and got to see the look on her face as she toured her new apartment for the first time. Mary is in a wheelchair and deaf, along with several other complications that have prevented her from living on her own...until now! Mary had a translator there to explain the technology and how the on-site staff would be alerted if there was a problem. She also has a push pendent that she can press at any time to call on staff for whatever reason. To most people, the one bedroom, one bathroom apartment looked small...and it is. But to Mary, it is a palace! In the past, she has lived in a room the size of a hospital room. We installed a few door sensors and motion sensors throughout the house and bathroom. We also installed a stove sensor that Mary's caregivers were so grateful to learn the capabilities of. They learned anytime Mary forgot about the stove being on, they would get a phone call and a text message so they could respond immediately. It is amazing how a little bit of technology can change someones life. It's not about all the parts and pieces we installed, because in a few days Mary won't even notice they are in her home. But the outcome that has resulted from the help of technology has changed her life forever. We are so proud to have been a part of this experience with Mary!