SimplyHome Celebrates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Anniversary

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed 25 years ago this past month. The ADA is a commitment to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities. Though there is still discrimination, the ADA is something to celebrate. SimplyHome's founder and owner, Allen Ray, answered a few questions about the impact of the ADA and how he is celebrating the anniversary.

-How do you think the ADA has impacted the folks that SimplyHome serves?  

First and foremost, I believe accessibility should be one of the core considerations whenever decisions for current needs or future service assessments are made. It just seems to be the right thing to do. I remember when the ADA legislation was being debated, I was surprised accessibility was not already a key part of outcomes and service expectations. The law's lasting legacy is it has given every person with varying capabilities a means to change their circumstances.

-How has the ADA directly impacted the work that is done by SimplyHome?

It’s easy to see how the legislative mandate for accessibility has opened doors and opportunities for many who likely had limited options before 1991. Many see the ADA as giving permission to use the ever-changing tools of technology to create new solutions. These new possibilities, coupled with the options provided by SimplyHome, will hopefully offer additional outcomes previously thought impossible. With the backing of the ADA, SimplyHome is able to provide more solutions. In the end, there is truly no greater personal joy than the look on a person’s face as they regain lost independence or hearing a person tell their parents, “Look what I can do now!”

-What do you think our country/society would look like without the ADA?

Sadly, without the ADA and the outcomes it creates, the richness of experiences for so many would be greatly diminished. It’s not just for those with differing abilities, but it’s also for their co-workers, friends and families. The fullness of life when all are included is immeasurable.

-What are you doing to celebrate the ADA? 

I think I’ll celebrate the continuance of the outcomes created over the past 25 years. I’ll likely take a moment to embrace what I consider the act’s greatest achievement… making accessibility the new “normal” and genuinely a part of the initial thoughts in our daily routines.

-What do you think is important for people to know about the ADA? 

Accessibility has a place in everything we do and technology plays an integral part in opening new doors. Enabling technology, like SimplyHome, should be seen as ANY technology that increases, maintains, or improves a person’s outcomes. In the end, the ADA is really not about the legislation… it is rather a continuing journey toward an improved outcome for all of us.