September 12: National Day of Encouragement

Did you know that September 12 is our National Day of Encouragement? At SimplyHome we’ve been thinking about the impact that encouragement has had on the people we serve. Whether you consider it support or reassurance encouragement is often the spark that leads to dreams being realized. Think about it. In your lifetime, has there been one voice that has inspired you to exceed your own expectations? Has there been one person who invested in your potential when you questioned your own abilities?

Everyday, we connect with people who have been empowered by encouragement. Individuals who may have been told that they’d never learn to walk again or wouldn’t be able to live on their own. People who simply wanted the dignity and respect of making personal choices that most of us get to make freely every day.

And what spurred them on when they were told “no” and “never?” Encouragement.

So on this day, we thank the everyday heroes—the friends, the families, and the professionals that refuse to believe in “no” and “never” and turn possibilities into realities. As models for encouragement, you inspire us to listen to the stories, find new solutions, and advocate for change. For that, we are so very grateful.

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