Medication Dispensers: Options Available and Choosing Which One is Right For You

Terence's mother lives on her own and recently began taking medication for her hypertension.  The last time Terence called to check on her, she expressed confusion about which pills to take in the mornings and evenings.  Because his mother lives independently, Terence doesn't think she needs nursing care to come by the home.  He wants to make sure, however, that his mother does not make an error that leads to an unsafe situation. For seniors, approximately 1 out of 10 hospital admissions are the result of the incorrect use of medications. Innovations in technology have led to an array of sophisticated medication devices that help to cut down on missed doses and taking incorrect amounts at the wrong times.

Medication notification technologies fall into three basic categories:

  1. telephone-based medication reminders,
  2. alerts integrated as part of home monitoring or safety devices and
  3. electronic medication dispensing systems

Medication Phone Reminders

Medication phone reminders require no special phone or equipment. It is the least expensive option but requires the individual to be capable of administering medication. This allows more room for error and is usually not accompanied by any type of follow up.  Many organizations offer this as a free service.

Reminders Integrated Into SimplyHome SystemSimplyHome 0207

The SimplyHome System is capable of monitoring several needs including medication administration. One way to do this is by using a contact sensor on a medication cabinet. With the opening and closing of the cabinet, a caregiver or loved one can be notified via email, text message or phone call if the medications are not accessed at the proper time. This is an affordable option if you are are interested in monitoring other concerns like falls, wandering or cooking safety. Of course, much like phone reminders, the actual pill count is hard to monitor.

Electronic Medication DispensersSimplyHome 0151

SimplyHome also has a medication dispenser as one of our featured products and services. This device is affordable and allows up to 28 doses at a time. Another reason we recommend this unit is that it is a locked dispenser. These dispensers also have the ability to be automated so you or a family member can have control over how you want to respond to a missed dosage. Another option available would be to have our call center serve as a first responder.

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