Look Inside.™ : Heartwarming Video


Check out this video from Venables Bell about INTEL AND Not Impossible Labs. SimplyHome's VP, Drue Ray gives us her feedback to a video that down right gives you chills and describes everything that we stand for here at SimplyHome

“ Mick is right, we don't fix people! We don't put lives back together after a traumatic injury or accident, undo a genetic or birth defect, we don't stop the processes of aging or disease but, we do create opportunity. Opportunity for people who have lost or never had independence! Each day, we get to "look inside". Look inside the lives of those who are afforded the prospect of a more typical life; complete with the dignity of risk inherent in being in community and the reward of being a contributor to their community. "Look inside" men and women who have entrusted their career paths to us and who we equip with the tools they need to change the life experience of people with disabilities. "Look inside" ourselves and know that what we do does have an impact, does make a difference, which this place will be enhanced and these people will be living lives of opportunity!”

SimplyHome is not interested in changing people or fixing people, but we are interested in helping people help themselves through technology. We are not putting lives together, but instead adding a new sense of independence. We are involved in offering new solutions to produce new outcomes. We are involved in forming relationships and walking with you on this journey to transforming your way of life by enhancing your way of life.