LIVE@HOME Technologies Partners With SimplyHome To Offer Peace of Mind For Less Than $1 a Day


LIVE@HOME Technologies Partners With SimplyHome To Offer Peace of Mind For Less Than $1 a Day

Orangeburg, SC, August 17, 2011 - SimplyHome announced today that LIVE@HOME TECHNOLOGIES will incorporate SimplyHome’s Personal Emergency Response Systems to offer a new level of service within The Oaks Home Services, a level of care offered by The Methodist Oaks, a Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Orangeburg, SC.

LIVE@HOME Technologies is dedicated to providing services by offering in-home care, and innovative technology that can be placed right in the home. They are now offering an easy and simple solution to extra peace of mind for families.  For less than $1 a day, they will install a Personal Emergency Response System in the home of their clients.

Home care cost can add up quickly and as another way to provide cost-effective supports, The Oaks is offering this service to not only cut down on costs, but to also entitle the client to live independently and age in place for as long as they are able.  Also, for less than a $1 a day, they are connected directly to a call center manned by trained professionals, and a direct line to family with the press of a button.

“I feel that technology is definitely the way the future will go.  I have been able to keep people in their homes safely for going on three years now.  In the greater scheme of things that is a huge cost saving to clients and their families,” said Stacey Pierce, Director of LIVE@HOME Technologies.

“The CEO of the Methodist Oaks, James McGee, and I recognized the impact that technology could have, and would have, on helping seniors stay at home longer while giving both the senior and the family peace of mind. The key was to research for reliable technology that could be adapted to each individual client's needs,” said Pierce.

Along with the Personal Emergency Response System, LIVE@HOME Technologies also offers the SimplyHome System which includes sensors such as motion, bed, floor, temperature, toilet flushing, door, stove, camera capability, along with biometrics, to name a few. “We are results driven, proactive instead of reactive, so I have looked for technology which will monitor patterns and send alerts when patterns change.  If we can tell when a person is going to the bathroom more, or not as much, or not opening the refrigerator as much, in the aging population this could be a sign pointing to other underlying problems,” said Pierce.

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About SimplyHome

Located in Asheville, NC, SimplyHome designs and installs wireless technology products to promote independent living. Aging in place and helping people with disabilities to live independently is the business’s core focus. SimplyHome’s support systems are individually tailored to meet specific needs and to assist care providers.

About LIVE@HOME Technologies

The Methodist Oaks has more than 50 years of experience of mission and ministry with seniors giving care and services at our Faith Based Continuing Care Retirement Community ( In the last few years, recognizing the need to expand our care giving to a greater community, the Board of The Oaks made the decision to offer our expertise in the integration of Care and Technology throughout South Carolina and portions of North Carolina and Georgia.

The Oaks created LIVE@HOME Technologies to offer the latest in rapidly changing technological advances to assist people in staying at home. LIVE@HOME Technologies constantly researches and test various technologies which are available and utilizes that which best suits the client's situation. LIVE@HOME Technologies learned early on that the most critical step of helping people stay at home rather than moving to an Assisted Living or other living option is the evaluation of the needs and desires of the potential client and the family.

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