Meet Sarah with The Arc of Haywood County

We were recently contacted by the Arc of NC to collaborate on an article for their newsletter. The following is a bit about an individual who works with the Arc of Haywood County and continues to find success using our technology. Check out the article below to read more about Sarah, the Arc and how SimplyHome is contributing to independent living.

SimplyHome designs and installs customizable “Smart Home” systems and offers related care for people who are aging and people with disabilities. They are also an approved vendor under the Innovations Waiver.

Let’s meet Sarah: Sarah has been living in her own home for three years. As an individual receiving services from The Arc of Haywood County, Sarah utilizes technology to guide her daily living activities if and only when she needs help. She maintains her independence with supports from a SimplyHome wireless sensor system including a motion sensor and a stove sensor. Sarah enjoys cooking her own dinner when she gets home. Her staff recognize that Sarah is capable of preparing meals with minimal direction, but they want to ensure that stove safety does not become an issue. Currently, the SimplyHome sensor alerts the staff if Sarah has left the stove on too long or if she turns on the stove during night hours.

Living independently also allows Sarah to be active in her church and walk to the library when she wants to. “Sarah loves her privacy and loves the peace and quiet of living alone. We have seen such a big difference in her behavior since she now has the freedom to make her own decisions,” says Polly Hightower, Haywood County Independent Living Coordinator.

Families and individuals can now access SimplyHome’s residential assistive technology to help promote self-determination both in the home and out in the community. Learn more about SimplyHome’s technology by visiting our website at or call them toll free at 877-684-3581.

This article was featured in The Arc of North Carolina's monthly newsletter.