"I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up"

Hear From Our Partners: Part 4

We recently sat down with Stacey Pierce, Director of LIVE@HOME Technologies to get the inside scoop on how she has seen technology change people's lives. Pierce started the Senior Solutions business in March 2008 and at the same time started researching technology, deploying her first unit with a client in late 2008.   She found SimplyHome on her quest for researching new and innovative technology to better serve her clients. She says she has many success stories. Here is another example she wanted to share.

"I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up"

By Stacey Pierce, Director of LIVE@HOME Technologies

"Another client of ours who lives in independent living  has been terrorized by Alzheimer's disease. It has affected her communication and short-term memory.  One night she got up into the darkness and fell!  She had a lifeline but forgot to put it on.  She had a stroke and remained on the floor for up to ten hours , which put her in the hospital and into rehab shortly after.

  While in rehab, everyone was convinced that she would never go back to independent living and would be placed into long-term care.   There was only one problem,  she was so active that if she was confined to one place and not be able to go back to her home, her family was convinced she would die. 

Her daughter appeared at my door one afternoon begging for my help to get her mother back home.  I had not really used technology out of pilot situations but there was no time like the present.  With 24 hour sitters, I place a bed monitor and motion sensors around her small apartment.  I was able to remotely, from my computer, evaluate her movement throughout the day and night and set rules.  Now if she gets out of bed from 10 pm to 6 am and is out of bed for more than one hour the system alerts me on my blackberry, her daughter at home, and nurses station.  So now she can live in her home and while offering peace of mind to her family."

About Stacey Pierce

Pierce is a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA) working with pediatric, orthopedic and geriatric patients. In 2007, she joined The Methodist Oaks Staff as Director of Senior Solutions, a new home service business for the community. While successfully growing the Senior Solution business, she and the CEO of the Methodist Oaks, recognized the impact that technology could have, and would have, on helping seniors stay at home longer while giving both the senior and the family peace of mind. “The key was to research for reliable technology that could be adapted to each individual client's needs. We continue the constant research even today, seeking out the newest product to make a difference in a person's life,” said Pierce.

With both her technology expertise and therapy background she has been afforded the opportunity to play an active role in aging people in place around SC. She spends time researching, educating, and bringing awareness of the many options that are available to the aging population. She is currently working with the University Of South Carolina School Of Gerontology in connection with its Smart Home project. They partner with USC and other providers to submit grants to use Senior Solutions, Technology and CAPS to establish a pilot utilizing multiple disciplines to age people in place. Currently, they are part of a two-year University study on immediate fall detection using passive technology. (no action required by the person)

“I am dedicated to providing services such as in-home care, innovative technology, and home renovations to seniors wanting to age in place with independence, safety and peace of mind,” said Pierce.

About The Methodist Oaks

The Methodist Oaks has more than 50 years of experience of mission and ministry with seniors giving care and services at our Faith Based Continuing Care Retirement Community (www.theoakssc.com). In the last few years, recognizing the need to expand our care giving to a greater community, the Board of The Oaks made the decision to offer our expertise in the integration of Care and Technology throughout South Carolina and portions of North Carolina and Georgia.

The Oaks created LIVE@HOME Technologies to offer the latest in rapidly changing technological advances to assist people in staying at home. LIVE@HOME Technologies constantly researches and test variously technologies which are available and utilizes that which best suits the client's situation. L@HT learned early on that the most critical step of helping people stay at home rather than moving to an Assisted Living or other living option is the evaluation of the needs and desires of the potential client and the family. There is no ONE answer. Each situation is different. Some may need fairly simple technology while others will need a much more involved array of technological applications. We have also have situations where our free evaluation reveals that technology is not needed, just some in-home personal care.