'Extreme Makeover' Day 4

WE have made it to day 3 and already so much has changed.  Construction is continuing 24 hours a day and our crew is working in shifts to make sure everything will be completed on time. The universal attitude at the build is of pure gratitude just to be a part of such a wonderful project. Extreme Makeover:Home Edition (EMHE) used yesterday to film SimplyHome, in our on-site tent, working on wireless technologies to allow Brian to control his environment. Sunday, when we arrived at the Keefer’s home, we were given a tent and asked to name it. We decided to name our tent site "Emerald City." SimplyHome's CEO, Allen Ray says, "I hope it makes people think of Oz. We are the guys behind the curtain!" All five of our crew members, Chris Whitworth, Glenn Mertens, Ian Sanders, Jason Ray and Allen Ray, were interviewed by EMHE and then met with Ty Pennington to familiarize him with the capabilities of the technology. After each demonstration, Ty responded with an enthusiastic,

"That is SO cool!"

Behind the Scenes

Allen Ray describes everyone at EMHE as being "very helpful and committed to making a difference for the families they support. The production crew and staff are absolutely amazing. When we demonstrated the things we do, several people got emotional envisioning the outcomes being created for Brian and his family. I'm not sure what the over and under might be on my emotions, but so far, my emotions have been in check. Although, I will admit to having a huge lump in my throat as we spoke to the family. They are a very spiritual family and it showed quite a bit."

Days To Come

As our crew in PA progresses through this week creating positive outcomes for the Keefer family and dealing with all the frustrations and challenges inherent in such an undertaking, please keep each of them in your thoughts and prayers. Not only them, but this entire crew that is putting their personal lives on hold for a week to make life better for Brian Keefer and his family.

Extreme Home Makeover: Day 4 in Newberry Township

Daily Record/Sunday News

It's Day 4 of the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" build at the Newberry Township home of Brian Keefer, who was paralyzed in a gymnastics accident in 2008.

The crew on Dubbers Drive worked through the night, and a fresh slate of volunteers began streaming in this morning as the builders neared the mid-week point.

Business reporter Lauren Boyer has been out at the site since mid-morning and is tweeting what she's seeing. Here's what she's had to say so far: Click Here

'Extreme Makeover' Day 3: Prepping for pools - The York Daily Record


York, PA - Brian Keefer will be floating after the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" crew renovates his Newberry Township home.

Middletown-based HydroWorx guaranteed that by donating, building and installing a $40,000 T-Series fitness pool in Keefer's new wheelchair-accessible living quarters. Keefer, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a 2008 gymnastics accident, will use the pool for physical therapy.

Michele Reber, HydroWorx product specialist, said similar pools take 60 days to build and more than two weeks to install. The crew started at 6 a.m. Tuesday and expected to wrap up after sundown.

Michael McHugh, one of HydroWorx's owners, said he hopes to fill the pool and complete testing Thursday. Read More