New Website..And Chance to Win $50!

We Just Launched Our New Website...And Blog!!

Hot off the press, you will now notice a drastic change to our website! We have been working in-house to redesign and rewrite the site for some time. Along with a new look, we have included some features that we hope will make visiting the site a quicker, easier and more interactive experience.  Additionally, as you just did,you can now find our blog located right on our website.

To make sure you get the most of the new website we have listed a few of the new features below.  We hope you enjoy our new website and would love to hear what you think about it.

Come check it out and be entered to win one of our $50 gift cards to Best Buy.

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So What’s New?...Everything!

The site has been redesigned with a fresh, new, user-friendly interface and has been updated with information about our latest products and services for independent living. Read testimonials shared with us from our current customers and partners throughout the entire site.


Our Product page gives an all inclusive glance of each product and service that we currently offer. You will find descriptions of each, product photos, instructional videos, and pricing,

How it Works This page is a complete breakdown of how the sensors work, what types of notifications can be sent out to family and caregivers, and the personal website we provide to each customer to track the data collected from their system.

About Us The mission and background of SimplyHome are clearly stated on this page. You will also find a  list of our current partners and contact information about our company.

The Owners Tell Our Story


Come find out the latest about SimplyHome on this page. All of our recent articles and press releases are documented here. You can also connect to our Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blog!!

One of our featured sections on this page describes our experience with a family featured on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show. There are some great videos to support that.

Big Changes to Our Blog and a Chance to Win $50!

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Take a look around, there's lots to see and learn about SimplyHome and don't forget to subscribe!  Thanks!

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