2016 Sky High Growth Award


We’re excited to announce SimplyHome has been awarded the 2016 Sky High Growth Award by the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.  This award, based on growth in revenue and employment, also recognizes 35 other companies in Asheville.  We believe our growth has been parallel to that of Asheville and the work we do reflects the work of this city. See the entire list here.

Allen Ray, Co-founder and CEO of SimplyHome, says, “We could have chosen anywhere in the country to have as our corporate headquarters and we choose Asheville. What I like most about living in Asheville is I'm surrounded by people who also happily choose to live and work here.”

Did you know…

Visitors are often greeted by one of our office pups - Since it’s a dog-friendly office!

One room of the office contains a ping pong table used for company tournaments.

The SimplyHome name came from a conversation with a nursing home resident who stated no matter how well she's treated, how great the food tastes, or how well she likes living in this nursing home, if given a choice, she’d want to “simply be at home.”