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Tennessee Disability MegaConference

The Tennessee Disability MegaConference is Tennessee’s largest disability-specific conference for individuals with disabilities, families, and professionals. It is focused on Empowerment, Inclusion, Self-determination, and Choice. The conference will take place at the Nashville Airport Marriott May 23-24, 2019. (See more at

SimplyHome’s Jason Ray will be joining with Audria Frattini of Prospect Inc. and Nick Filarelli of Core Services of Northeast TN for a featured presentation:

Come hear the compelling stories of how TN DIDD's Enabling Technology pilot program has created new outcomes through unique, transformational partnerships. These partnerships involve a broad group of stakeholders -- the agencies, service coordinators, the state, and tech vendors. Join Core Services of Northeast Tennessee, Prospect Inc., and SimplyHome as they share success stories of individuals blossoming in their independence in life and work as a result of the technology pilot. They will also detail exact steps they are taking to create long-term, sustainable change in the culture of the involved organizations.

Nick Filarelli is Program Coordinator for Core Services of Northeast TN, where he currently serves as the agency's Tech Champion in TN DIDD's Enabling Technology pilot program. (

Audria Frattini is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Vocational Evaluator. Audria works with career placement professionals, DSPs, people supported and families, determining what technology options will best suit the individual's needs. (

SimplyHome’s Jason Ray will be able to answer questions on how individuals were properly assessed for technology. SimplyHome is working alongside other tech vendors for the state project and we can speak to the outcomes possible regardless which company implemented the tech. SimplyHome's role is to be available for questions as Prospect and Core talk about their journey to implement the technology. All three organizations are part of the state project which they will also be talking about the process for that. Jason was not only a part of the implementation of the technology but also part of the training that went on beforehand.