The No Place Like Home Program

Providing Veterans with New Funding Options for Assistive Technology

The No Place Like Home program offers new and refurbished systems to disabled veterans anywhere in the United States. This program was founded by SimplyHome in conjunction with NuCadence® and Eblen Charities. No Place Like Home exists to ensure that veterans have the opportunity to access technology that will support their independence and create a new sense of freedom.

Veterans using SimplyHome’s assistive technology are able to:

  • Gain control of their home environment through a tablet or voice-activation

  • Increase independence and privacy, reducing the need for continuous caregiver presence

  • Choose what kind of support they want to receive, with custom notifications and verbal prompts

Circular photo of Rev. Charles

In his late forties, Rev. Charles was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which the VA attributes to his time jumping from aircraft. Due to the damage to his spinal cord, Charles lost mobility in his legs and has limited use of his arms, and started using a wheelchair in his sixties. Through the No Place Like Home program, Rev. Charles received a wheelchair-mounted iPad that he can control on his own.

“I like to go out in the sunshine. With my iPad, I can listen to music. It has been a great help to me because I can use it on the go. I’m not bound to my old computer in my room all the time,” said Charles.

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Who Can Apply?

The No Place Like Home program applies to veterans living anywhere in the United States who have Independent Living (IL) needs, as determined by an evaluation conducted by a VA case manager. Once the VA determines you qualify for IL, then you are automatically eligible for SimplyHome assistive technology through the No Place Like Home program.

Technology can address these common concerns for veterans:

  • Limited mobility due to artery/vein conditions, chronic fatigue, nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, amputations, or paralysis

  • Cooking safety problems due to memory loss or lost sense of smell

  • Difficulties with memory or activities of daily life due to PTSD or TBI

  • Maintaining independence with loss of hearing or vision

  • Calling for help or assistance

  • Managing chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension

Want to contribute?

Your donation will transform the lives of veterans living with a disability. Whether you would like to make a monetary contribution to NuCadence or donate your lightly used SimplyHome System, your support will empower a Veteran to live a life on their terms.