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SimplyHome provides assistive technology solutions promoting the independence, community integration, and self-determination of senior adults and people with disabilities. Our remote support systems blend the latest in technology and natural support to provide a safety net for people who want to live independently.

Our advocacy and consulting work enables providers and policymakers to embrace flexible, person-centered models of long-term supports, while adapting to ever-changing resources. Since 2003, our sensor-based remote support systems have led to:

  • Improved outcomes

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Shortened waiting lists

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SimplyHome empowers individuals, families, and caregivers with customized technology to support independent living. Remote support technology is a natural support that enables greater possibilities of independence, dignity of risk, and self-determination for people with disabilities and senior adults.

As we implement smart sensor technology, we focus on:

  • Prioritizing the individual’s goals and preferences

  • Facilitating independence in activities of daily living

  • Enabling people to take reasonable risks with appropriate safety nets

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