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Proactively manage your health

SimplyHome’s Telehealth wellness tools promote independence and self-management for individuals who live with chronic conditions. Daily wellness readings are documented and can be accessed remotely in order to monitor chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD, and congestive heart failure. Together, the client and caregiving team can track health data and prevent costly re-hospitalizations.

Authorized caregivers can access a secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal with patient readings in real-time, and receive immediate notifications if the health readings are high, abnormal, or have not been taken.

Our Telehealth plug-and-play system includes a base unit that is connected (via Bluetooth or USB cord) to monitoring tools such as blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, and weight scales.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Text message or email alerts

  • Customized responder list

  • Response Center option

  • Secure online portal with wellness readings in real time

  • Online reporting tools

  • Enlargeable text available on some devices

Contact SimplyHome for more details on what other health conditions can be monitored.



  • Telehealth 2Net Hub (Required for all Telehealth setups; this transmits the readings via Bluetooth): $249.95
  • One-time Programming and Activation Fee: $125.00
  • Telehealth Monthly Service: $64.95/month


  • Optional Telehealth Call Center Service: $65/mo.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor (includes standard size cuff): $174.95
  • Glucose Dongle (Connects to compatible Abbott, Bayer, and LifeScan glucometers; SimplyHome no longer offers glucometers directly): $299.95
  • Pulse Oximeter: $164.95
  • Weight Scale: $149.95

Telehealth options and pricing may change. Please contact SimplyHome for a free assessment and quote based on your needs.


What’s in the box?

Kits arrive pre-configured with the monitoring devices you select. Here are some examples:


  • 2Net Hub
  • Weight scale
  • Glucose dongle
  • Log-in details to web portal and product instructions


  • 2Net Hub
  • Blood pressure monitor and cuff
  • Log-in details to web portal and product instructions

Congestive Heart Failure

  • 2Net Hub
  • Weight Scale
  • Blood pressure monitor and cuff
  • Log-in details to web portal and product instructions


  • AT&T 3G or greater coverage
  • Power outlet
  • Some devices require batteries

Compatibility with Glucometers

Here is a list of compatible glucose meters that may be used with our telehealth kit:

  • Abbott FreeStyle Lite or FreeStyle Freedom Lite
  • Bayer Contour, Bayer Contour TS, Bayer Contour XT, or Bayer Breeze2
  • LifeScan OneTouch Ultra, LifeScan OneTouch Ultra 2, LifeScan OneTouch UltraMini, LifeScan OneTouch UltraEasy, LifeScan Select, or LifeScan Basic

In order to use any of the above glucose meters with the SimplyHome telehealth kit, a dongle (communication connector) will need to be purchased from SimplyHome. This device attaches to the glucose meter and allows for Bluetooth data transmission with the 2Net Hub.

General FAQ

Who do we consider for Telehealth?

Individuals interested in remote monitoring of blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and/or weight. Individuals with conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, and/or hypertension.

Who monitors the vital signs?

All vital sign readings are recorded on the secure web portal. Care staff and providers or family members can be provided access to the web portal to monitor vital sign readings in real-time. With the addition of our Response Center Service option, vital sign readings are monitored by highly trained personnel who are able to help triage patient readings and provide the necessary follow up to the patient's care teams. Without this service option, it is the responsibility of the family and/or care team to monitor the patient's readings.

Do I have to use the Response Center Service?

No. The Response Center Service is optional. It’s intended for those who do not have responders available to receive notifications about health data.

What are the hours of the (optional) Response Center?

The Response Center is open 8am-4pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. (For Eastern Time, this is 11am-7pm.)

Can I receive customized alerts regarding vital signs?

Email and text alerts can be sent to individuals if the client’s readings are outside the specified range. Text messages can be sent directly from the web portal. Messages can also be received within the web portal.

Can multiple individuals use the same 2Net Hub or Telehealth devices?

No. We issue one 2Net Hub per person to differentiate between readings on the website.

Can we use the Telehealth equipment outside the home?

We recommend that all your Telehealth devices remain near the 2Net Hub, so that the hub can record the data. However, you could move the 2Net Hub with you if you need to move the kit outside of the home for the day, etc. We recommend staying within a 300ft - 400ft radius of the 2Net Hub when taking a wellness reading.

Can I use the blood pressure device I already own with the 2Net Hub?

No. The 2Net Hub is only compatible with the SimplyHome Telehealth blood pressure device.

Should I use the glucometer I already own with the 2Net Hub?

Yes, if you are a new Telehealth client, you will need to use a compatible glucometer from Abbott, Bayer, or LifeScan to connect to the glucose dongle, which transmits readings via the 2Net Hub. SimplyHome no longer offers glucometers, lancets, or test strips to new clients. To find out if your existing glucometer is compatible, please contact SimplyHome directly.

Can different providers be assigned on the website to the same patient?

Yes. Multiple individuals can login and view the individual’s data.

How often can I change or update parameters?

Parameters can be changed as necessary by emailing the details of your request to We will open a help ticket and route your concern to the appropriate team, who will then reach out to you.

Is Telehealth HIPAA-compliant?

The web portal itself is both secure and HIPAA-compliant. In addition, all alert notifications are compliant with HIPAA standards.