About Our Assessment Process

A person-centered plan can help those involved with the focus person see the total person, recognize his or her desires and interests, and discover completely new ways of thinking about the future of the person.
— Beth Mount & Kay Zwernik, 1988

Focusing on the Person

SimplyHome’s assessment and design process allows us to produce solutions that transform the way people live, increasing their independence, safety, and dignity. That is, we focus first on the individual’s priorities, concerns, and interests, including the individual in the assessment process, and remembering that there are great opportunities for self-determination when it comes to residential living.

Cultivating Collaboration

SimplyHome’s assessment process is collaborative. Once an intake form is completed, we work with the individual, family, caregivers, and other providers to discuss and set the desired outcomes of using the technology as a natural support. We utilize a “best practices” approach to gather information and brainstorm solutions that capitalize on the individual’s strengths, abilities, and preferences.

Gathering Information

To understand a person’s preferences, abilities, and desired outcomes, we ask about the individual’s current environment, daily activities, routines, and natural supports. Here are some of the questions we ask: What types of outcomes are currently being prioritized? (independence, safety, health monitoring, etc.) Is the technology needed in multiple locations or in multiple rooms? Who will receive notifications and be on the responder list? Who will need training to use this technology, and will there be a tech team onsite at the provider?

Integrating Technology with Provider Assessments

SimplyHome also provides Education and Consultation services to care providers who want to integrate assistive technology into their own assessment process. We help organizations understand how assistive technology can serve as a tool to promote better outcomes in the individual’s environment, routines and activities, abilities and health concerns, and community supports.

SimplyHome enables organizations to determine how technology can be paired with human services, to sustain a maximum level of person-centered care while also maximizing funding and streamlining care management.