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Technology for Person-Centered Organizations

When care agencies utilize our smart sensor technology, they are able to maximize the independence and self-determination of the individuals they serve. SimplyHome systems are designed for effective support in settings such as apartments, group homes, assisted living, and home settings.

Our technology solutions focus not only on each person’s need for services, but also on empowering that person’s priorities, preferences, and goals. The person-centered system designs can be re-assessed and re-customized as the individual’s goals and needs evolve over time.

Reduce Costs and Streamline Staffing Without Sacrificing Care

SimplyHome’s cost-effective solutions help providers to keep up with growing demand and ever-changing resources, and to plan for a sustainable future. We provide cost-effective alternatives to the 24/7 “just in case” staffing model. These solutions focus on proactive caregiving, shifting away from “doing for” individuals and moving towards supporting individuals so they can create and achieve their own dreams.

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Embrace Flexibility: Technology That Adapts to Changing Needs

By generating real-time data about health and behavioral trends, SimplyHome systems allow providers to gain insight that will help predict the next steps of care for their clients and business operations over time.

By implementing our remote support systems, providers have:

  • Increased their client-to-caregiver ratio without sacrificing care

  • Improved communication with staff and family members

  • Transitioned clients into community-based care, without additional funding

Meet Our Featured Provider

Since 2008, the Charles Lea Center (CLC) in Spartanburg, SC, has utilized SimplyHome technology to provide support for individuals where they live, work and play. CLC has incorporated our remote support systems in settings that range from traditional staff-based care to independent apartments. SimplyHome technology has enabled CLC to improve outcomes, decrease support costs, and support more individuals without using any additional state funding.

In 2012 the Charles Lea Center opened their Life Skills Center, a training space where people can learn to complete the tasks involved in living independently, through hands-on simulations of a bank, grocery store, restaurant, doctor’s office, dentist, and a city crosswalk.

The Life Skills Center also includes a demo apartment equipped with a SimplyHome system. A voice-activated tablet controls the apartment’s lighting, TV, doors, and bed; sensors enable automatic doors, cooking safety alerts, detection of falls/inactivity, and calling for staff assistance.

Currently the Charles Lea Center and SimplyHome work together to encourage providers and other decision-makers to shift towards technology-supported, person-centered care, and both CLC and SimplyHome consult with other states and countries that desire to see how technology can transform the lives of their residents.

Learn more about how CLC was able to start new programs by utilizing technology as a natural support.

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