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3 Ways to Be More Productive with SimplyHome's Check-in App

It’s the 21st century! Skip the pen and paper. With the Responder App, you’ll get an alert on your phone when a check-in is due or coming up, so you never forget a check-in again. Document your location with the touch of a button, using location-verification beacons. Crazy day? Change of schedule? Skip the check-in and leave a comment explaining what happened.

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Meet the Responder App: A Provider’s Story

Prior to using our SimplyHome Responder App, one New York City provider kept track of staff visits to client residences with pen and paper. This method often resulted in confusion and miscommunication, to say the least.

By using the SimplyHome Responder App on their smartphones, staff members are now able to document their check-ins, recording time- and check-ins to a geographical locations (client residences) by using our location verification beacons. Upon checking in, staff have immediate access to assigned tasks scheduled for that location and client (such as taking medications, preparing meals, or assisting with household tasks).

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Press Release: SimplyHome Launches Check-in Service and Responder App

PR Newswire, Asheville, NC (July 16, 2018)SimplyHome, LLC, announces the debut of the Check-in Service and Responder App for iOS and Android mobile devices. The latest addition to SimplyHome’s suite of enabling technology, the Check-in Service and Responder App allow provider organizations to verify care and easily manage a client’s circle of support.

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Carl's Story: A Portrait of Independence with Enabling Technology

The Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (TN DIDD) recently released a video that is a moving portrait of how enabling technology helped Carl (who receives services via one of our partners, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee) finally achieve his dream of living on his own.

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Home for the Holidays: Top 8 Signs An Older Loved One Needs More Support

The holidays are a great time to simply observe the aging process of your loved ones and to anticipate the process of planning for the future. Depending on what you observe, you can lay the foundations for future conversations about life changes, whether that means making plans to age in place, move closer to loved ones, or find a more supported living setting.

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Success Gained Through Technology

SimplyHome technology engages local, familiar and natural supports so they can be available when they’re needed, instead of being at a site all the time just in case there is a need.

This week is NYSACRA’s 39th Annual Conference, “Listen Up,” taking place April 19th - 22nd. Our New York partner Meghan O’Sullivan will be speaking about the types of technology available and the outcomes of a grant recently administered by NYSACRA.

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FAQ: SimplyHome Personal Emergency Response System

The SimplyHome Personal Emergency Response System uses a phone line or cellular connection to activate a notification to our trained responder call center, should you have a need. When assistance is needed, the panic button or base unit button can be pushed to request help. The two-way speaker on the base unit allows for communication with care staff.

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