Drink Dispenser
  • Voice Controlled
  • Five Drink Choices
  • Refrigerated
  • Chair Mounted Cup With Straw System
  • Control through Custom Tablet
Tablet Computer
  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • Voice Control Software and Head Mouse For Full Control Of Applications
  • Fully Functional Computer Including Email, Word Processing, Internet Browsers, and More
  • Custom Software For Home Controls
  • Mounts To Chair and Bed
  • Integrates With Smartphone
  • Hands Free Wii Controls Gives Brian a Chance to Play Games With His Brothers
  • Voice Controlled Kindle Book App
  • Software and Head Mouse to Play and Compose Music
Cell Phone with Blue Tooth Headset
  • Voice Control
  • Allows Hands Free Outgoing and Incoming Calls, Texts, and Emails
bed control
  • Voice and Tablet Controlled
  • Raise and Lower Bed Height, Head and Feet
Home Controls
  • Integration with Audio, Video & Lighting Systems
  • Door Control
  • 2-way Speaker System with Parents
  • Exterior Video Cameras