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The Gibbs Family

Prior to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Audrey Gibbs and her six children lived in a rural Iowa farmhouse with no functional plumbing or indoor bathrooms. Soon after her husband’s death, Audrey’s vision began to fail and it became difficult for her to travel to town for work.

SimplyHome’s Return to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

When it became clear that “off the shelf” technologies would not provide the solutions needed for Audrey Gibbs and her family, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition contacted assistive technology leader and show veteran, SimplyHome. The Gibbs Family episode marked SimplyHome’s second appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has done a great job improving accessibility in the home beyond the physical environment,” said Ian Sanders, Director of Sales at SimplyHome. “With the use of technology, we are able to expand options that really support independent living.”

The Gibbs Family / SimplyHome Connection

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition asked SimplyHome to create business applications and technologies that would enable Audrey to work out of her new home. Supports provided by SimplyHome included: custom software with features such as appointment scheduling, billing, and communication with clients; integration for all business applications with Audrey’s iPad, iPhone and laptop; and a business website. Audrey also received a scanning device that can audibly read typewritten words and handwriting from a piece of paper. In Addition, SimplyHome setup a surround sound system in Audrey’s massage room, wi-fi throughout the house, and a 42" interactive touch screen television for her daughter. “We are pleased to return to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” said Allen Ray, CEO of SimplyHome. “But what pleases us more is that we were able to create solutions that empowered Audrey to continue working.”